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Our story began in 2004, my sister and I being organic advocates entrepreneurs were looking for traditional, natural products to improve the health of the Filipinos. A colleague introduced to us the Virgin Coconut Oil - known as the Healthiest Dietary Oil on Earth, We have tried and experienced the healing effects in our body and enjoyed every drop of it since then.

Today we are privileged to share with our customers here and abroad the numerous health benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil. To those who tried it they recognized it as truly God's amazing gift.

Our Virgin Coconut Oil

We've always believed that serving the best tasting Virgin coconut oil is possible. We want our VCO to really
taste good to encourage family members to drink it, that is why our company chose the FRESH WET CENTRIFUGE method, considered as the premium process in making virgin coconut oil. In this process you get very light coconut flavor, mild and smooth in taste.

CocoPlus Aquarian Development Corporation

Manufactures organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Known to be the healthiest dietary oil on earth. The company is capable of producing at least and average of 5,000 to 8,000 liters per month using fresh wet centrifuge method. This type of method produces the best quality virgin coconut oil.


To produce the finest virgin coconut oil derivatives using natural ingredients and processed in sustainable way.


Healthy Family- Encourage every family to make use of virgin coconut oil as vital necessity to safeguard the health of every household member.

Prosperity of Nation and Stakeholders- With the increasing demand of coconut products, our partners, employees and farmers will improve their livelihood and will have a steady income, as the demand increases the economy of the Philippines will grow

Our Partners

This great product wouldn’t be possible without the collaboration of two most important people, our employees and the farmers who’s been a loyal partner since we established this company. The farmers select only the best raw materials to ensure we get only organic and fresh matured coconuts while our employees prepare it in a most strictest standards to obtain high quality Virgin Coconut Oil.

Core Values

EXCELLENCE: "What we do, we do best!"
ACCOUNTABILITY: "If it's to be it's up to me."
INTEGRITY: "We are committed to do ethical business practices and good corporate governance."
HUMILITY: "We recognize all our accomplishments, talents, gifts, wisdom and strength comes from the Lord God Almighty."