Our Virgin Coconut Oil

We’ve always believed that serving the best tasting Virgin Coconut Oil is possible. We want our VCO to really taste good to encourage family members to drink it. That is why our company chose the FRESH WET Centrifuge method, considered as the premium process in making virgin coconut oil. In this process you get very light coconut flavor, mild and smooth in taste.

• EST. 2005 •

CocoPlus Aquarian Development Corporation

Manufactures organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Known to be the healthiest dietary oil on earth. The company is capable of producing at least and average of 5,000 to 8,000 liters per month using fresh wet centrifuge method. This type of method produces the best quality virgin coconut oil.

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Certified Organic By Control Union

CU No.: 843226


Our Products

We want to offer you various coconut products and we are not resting we continue to explore and develop new product line for you to enjoy and experience the Tree of Life – The Coconut Tree.

At CocoPlus, our Sister’s goal is to make your family healthy while enjoying the Nature’s Gift. This is what we call life’s sample pleasures.


Fresh Wet Centrifuge method

Virgin Coconut Oil is recovered from coconut milk, the milky fluid obtained when freshly comminuted coconut kernel is pressed by mechanical means.

Centrifuge extracted VCO is very smooth and light in taste, a true delicacy and is easily adborbed by the skin. This method gives a higher lauric acid than any other coconut oil. Centrifuged VCO is the premium oil!

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